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“Thin Veil”hellscape, February 2018.

Five poems. Muse/A Journal, 2017. Pushcart Prize nomination for “Long Swim.”

“Colibrí.” The Open Bar, Tin House, 2017.

“Sarah Vaughan has a voice for these conditions.” a perimeter, 2016.

“Female Figure.” Academy of American Poets, 2016.
Winner of the Academy of American Poets Prize.

“Consenting.” Berkeley Poetry Review, 2016.

Two poems. The Brooklyn Review, 2016.

“Jupiter in Leo.” Print-Oriented Bastards, 2016.

Five poems. minor literature[s], 2016.

Five poems. Contemporary Verse 2, 2016. Print.

Two poems. White Stag, 2015. Print.

“Extremely Pleasant With Doors Open.” American Chordata, 2015.

“Green Eyes of a Guava.” San Diego Poetry Annual, 2015. Print.

“Question Field.” Golden Walkman, 2014. Audio recording.

“The Hollow Center.” NEAT Magazine, 2014.

“October Grove.” Plain China, 2011.
Winner of the Dorothy Rosenberg Prize in Lyric Poetry at UC Berkeley.